List of Parser Tokens

Various parts of the PHP language are represented internally by tokens. A code snippet that contains an invalid sequence of tokens may lead to errors like Parse error: syntax error, unexpected token "==", expecting "(" in script.php on line 10." where token == is internally represented by T_IS_EQUAL.

The following table lists all tokens. They are also available as PHP constants.

Note: Usage of T_* constants

T_* constants values are automatically generated based on PHP's underlying parser infrastructure. This means that the concrete value of a token may change between two PHP versions. This means that your code should never rely directly on the original T_* values taken from PHP version X.Y.Z, to provide some compatibility across multiple PHP versions.

To make use of T_* constants across multiple PHP versions, undefined constants may be defined by the user (using big numbers like 10000) with an appropriate strategy that will work with both PHP versions and T_* values.

// Prior to PHP 7.4.0, T_FN is not defined.
defined('T_FN') || define('T_FN', 10001);

Token Syntax Reference
T_ABSTRACT abstract Class Abstraction
T_AMPERSAND_FOLLOWED_BY_VAR_OR_VARARG & Type declarations (available as of PHP 8.1.0)
T_AMPERSAND_NOT_FOLLOWED_BY_VAR_OR_VARARG & Type declarations (available as of PHP 8.1.0)
T_AND_EQUAL &= assignment operators
T_ARRAY array() array(), array syntax
T_ARRAY_CAST (array) type-casting
T_AS as foreach
T_ATTRIBUTE #[ attributes (available as of PHP 8.0.0)
T_BAD_CHARACTER   anything below ASCII 32 except \t (0x09), \n (0x0a) and \r (0x0d) (available as of PHP 7.4.0)
T_BOOLEAN_AND && logical operators
T_BOOLEAN_OR || logical operators
T_BOOL_CAST (bool) or (boolean) type-casting
T_BREAK break break
T_CALLABLE callable callable
T_CASE case switch
T_CATCH catch Exceptions
T_CLASS class classes and objects
T_CLASS_C __CLASS__ magic constants
T_CLONE clone classes and objects
T_CLOSE_TAG ?> or %> escaping from HTML
T_COALESCE ?? comparison operators
T_COALESCE_EQUAL ??= assignment operators (available as of PHP 7.4.0)
T_COMMENT // or #, and /* */ comments
T_CONCAT_EQUAL .= assignment operators
T_CONST const class constants
T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING "foo" or 'bar' string syntax
T_CONTINUE continue continue
T_CURLY_OPEN {$ complex variable parsed syntax
T_DEC -- incrementing/decrementing operators
T_DECLARE declare declare
T_DEFAULT default switch
T_DIR __DIR__ magic constants
T_DIV_EQUAL /= assignment operators
T_DNUMBER 0.12, etc. floating point numbers
T_DO do do..while
T_DOC_COMMENT /** */ PHPDoc style comments
T_DOLLAR_OPEN_CURLY_BRACES ${ complex variable parsed syntax
T_DOUBLE_ARROW => array syntax
T_DOUBLE_CAST (real), (double) or (float) type-casting
T_ECHO echo echo
T_ELLIPSIS ... function arguments
T_ELSE else else
T_ELSEIF elseif elseif
T_EMPTY empty empty()
T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE " $a" constant part of string with variables
T_ENDDECLARE enddeclare declare, alternative syntax
T_ENDFOR endfor for, alternative syntax
T_ENDFOREACH endforeach foreach, alternative syntax
T_ENDIF endif if, alternative syntax
T_ENDSWITCH endswitch switch, alternative syntax
T_ENDWHILE endwhile while, alternative syntax
T_ENUM enum Enumerations (available as of PHP 8.1.0)
T_END_HEREDOC   heredoc syntax
T_EVAL eval() eval()
T_EXIT exit or die exit(), die()
T_EXTENDS extends extends, classes and objects
T_FILE __FILE__ magic constants
T_FINAL final Final Keyword
T_FINALLY finally Exceptions
T_FN fn arrow functions (available as of PHP 7.4.0)
T_FOR for for
T_FOREACH foreach foreach
T_FUNCTION function functions
T_FUNC_C __FUNCTION__ magic constants
T_GLOBAL global variable scope
T_GOTO goto goto
T_HALT_COMPILER __halt_compiler() __halt_compiler
T_IF if if
T_IMPLEMENTS implements Object Interfaces
T_INC ++ incrementing/decrementing operators
T_INCLUDE include include
T_INCLUDE_ONCE include_once include_once
T_INLINE_HTML   text outside PHP
T_INSTANCEOF instanceof type operators
T_INSTEADOF insteadof Traits
T_INTERFACE interface Object Interfaces
T_INT_CAST (int) or (integer) type-casting
T_ISSET isset() isset()
T_IS_EQUAL == comparison operators
T_IS_GREATER_OR_EQUAL >= comparison operators
T_IS_IDENTICAL === comparison operators
T_IS_NOT_EQUAL != or <> comparison operators
T_IS_NOT_IDENTICAL !== comparison operators
T_IS_SMALLER_OR_EQUAL <= comparison operators
T_LINE __LINE__ magic constants
T_LIST list() list()
T_LNUMBER 123, 012, 0x1ac, etc. integers
T_LOGICAL_AND and logical operators
T_LOGICAL_OR or logical operators
T_LOGICAL_XOR xor logical operators
T_MATCH match match (available as of PHP 8.0.0)
T_METHOD_C __METHOD__ magic constants
T_MINUS_EQUAL -= assignment operators
T_MOD_EQUAL %= assignment operators
T_MUL_EQUAL *= assignment operators
T_NAMESPACE namespace namespaces
T_NAME_FULLY_QUALIFIED \App\Namespace namespaces (available as of PHP 8.0.0)
T_NAME_QUALIFIED App\Namespace namespaces (available as of PHP 8.0.0)
T_NAME_RELATIVE namespace\Namespace namespaces (available as of PHP 8.0.0)
T_NEW new classes and objects
T_NS_C __NAMESPACE__ namespaces
T_NS_SEPARATOR \ namespaces
T_NUM_STRING "$a[0]" numeric array index inside string
T_OBJECT_CAST (object) type-casting
T_OBJECT_OPERATOR -> classes and objects
T_NULLSAFE_OBJECT_OPERATOR ?-> classes and objects
T_OPEN_TAG <?php, <? or <% escaping from HTML
T_OPEN_TAG_WITH_ECHO <?= or <%= escaping from HTML
T_OR_EQUAL |= assignment operators
T_PLUS_EQUAL += assignment operators
T_POW ** arithmetic operators
T_POW_EQUAL **= assignment operators
T_PRINT print print
T_PRIVATE private classes and objects
T_PROTECTED protected classes and objects
T_PUBLIC public classes and objects
T_READONLY readonly classes and objects (available as of PHP 8.1.0)
T_REQUIRE require require
T_REQUIRE_ONCE require_once require_once
T_RETURN return returning values
T_SL << bitwise operators
T_SL_EQUAL <<= assignment operators
T_SPACESHIP <=> comparison operators
T_SR >> bitwise operators
T_SR_EQUAL >>= assignment operators
T_START_HEREDOC <<< heredoc syntax
T_STATIC static variable scope
T_STRING parent, self, etc. identifiers, e.g. keywords like parent and self, function names, class names and more are matched. See also T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING.
T_STRING_CAST (string) type-casting
T_STRING_VARNAME "${a complex variable parsed syntax
T_SWITCH switch switch
T_THROW throw Exceptions
T_TRAIT trait Traits
T_TRY try Exceptions
T_UNSET unset() unset()
T_UNSET_CAST (unset) type-casting
T_USE use namespaces
T_VAR var classes and objects
T_VARIABLE $foo variables
T_WHILE while while, do..while
T_WHITESPACE \t \r\n  
T_XOR_EQUAL ^= assignment operators
T_YIELD yield generators
T_YIELD_FROM yield from generators

See also token_name().